Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hi all,

its Thursday 3rd of September and it's 9.17 pm. Today we left Las Vegas and arrived in Hollywood.

Firstly, i will just fill you in a little on Las Vegas. Personally i think it has to be the worst place we have been so far. Apart from the room, the room was amazing. New York has been the worst room. However, our two days there consisted of us walking up the strip, me hurting my foot so bad i couldn't really walk. Mike getting his tattoo which turned out to be bleeding a lot and causing a lot of pain. Then add on the intense deathly heat meant we both kind of had a difficult uncomfortable day. Then we were gutted as the grand canyon trip didn't really suit us, it added 15 hours of travel for us within 24 hours and we only would get to see the canyon for 2 hours. Plus the trip had majorly bad reviews. So, a big loss but we just had a chill day in the hotel. I made $8 on the slots and we saw a superstar show, which was god awful but we had a nice tea.

Our trip to LA. So, i dont remember if i mentioned the greyhound bus from DC to Florida, where it took 19 hours.....or so we thought and ended up taking 24. They left us in multiple places for many hours . Horrific! So, we got on our last ever greyhound, which was just horrible again. We were discussing how all the idiots, stupid people and scary mo fos in each state gather at the greyhound stations. We were so uncomfortable, scared and wanted to come home. That company has that affect on us, each of the three times we have used them.

We arrived in LA and taxied to Hollywood as there was not a chance we were getting on another bus. We checked in and had some tea. I nearly cried into my calzone, especially after seeing a little dog with his head out the window that reminded me of Toto and home :(
Im sure i will feel better tomorrow after a good sleep and talks with more 'normal' people.

So i am safe, and unharmed by the red necks and drunk homeless people. But hey, check out some of these photos they are just above, we travelled through 'hills have eyes' county. That film disturbed me when i watched it. I know it wasn't true. But, after being in America for 3 weeks now, and witnessing things and seeing people i have seen, i believe that film has every potential to be true. People here are MESSED UP!

Enjoy, miss and love you all.
p.s. we don't want to sound as if we are moaning, but the travelling is really hard!

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