Sunday, 20 September 2009

The final may need a coffee.

Hello all, well i said i may blog whilst on the journey home so here goes.

It's 4am New York time and tonight was a much needed sleep for the both of us. In the last 24 hours we had spent 11 of them on a plane. Plus our night in san fran was not good! We got very little sleep. We arrived in New York and our hotel is pretty dingy, one of those 'oh so you spent all your money on the lobby, ahh i see very nice' kinda hotels. But we were zonked so we fell straight asleep. Until...........bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
That is right a mosquito, in NY. Not one in Florida i must mention.

We hunted it down but had no look, so now we are wide awake.

Sitting on a plane anticipating lots of things is really fun. This whole trip has given me the opportunity to put a lot of things into perspective. My worries about money, my ocd and my almost 3 years of depression, seeking treatment and overcoming it woopah to me! Being able to be open about it to help others :). Losing Rosie in that year long battle to better health and then losing my little man Toto. After my mini op i really needed to get away. And what a getaway it was!

I really can't wait to get back home, to experiment with my old self again. Spending and relaxing not worrying and enjoying life. Along this trip i really saw some awful things. There were homeless people everywhere, most i will admit were smoking so silly them if they feed their habbit rather than themselves. But a man with cancer, and he had tubes in and out of him...laying on the ground in Hawaii. It was shocking. Eye opening though. I'm so desperate to enjoy life again and be myself, have fun and feel free from that awful blanket i had smothering me for that long.

This blog is pretty personal, but i realised im proud of who i am and how i have overcome such a terrible 3 years and even worse last year. My mum kept telling me how strong i was and i was doing so well, i never realised it but i really was. I had doubts about the trip, thinking it would make me relapse but if anything its shot me forward!

The trip also helped me realise that im so passionate about animal therapy. When mike and i had down days and we got to interact with the parrots, the dolphins, the sealions and so forth it really picked me up. I can't wait to be apart of that and im excited to enrole on the course when im back.

I know my mum reads my blog and i want to thank her and my dad for being so patient with me. Supporting me to take this trip as there were times when i wasn't going to. And thank you to Mike for making this trip amazing. Also appreciating all the input from all the weirdos and wackos in the states, they made us LOVE England, but also made for some funny times.

And good god, i can't wait to stop having to eat a muffin or cookie for tea!

Its been classy America.

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