Friday, 18 September 2009


Hawaii, our last stop of the trip. Well, weren't we moaners! We arrived at our hotel in Ohau called the Waikiki sand villa hotel. We were tired and jet lagged. So it caused us to moan about our hotel. We were originally going to book the turtle bay, which you may have seen in Sarah Marshall, but it turned out we didn't do it on time. So we stayed at the sand villa.

Anyhoo, after settling in, having some cocktails we realised it was not horrible and that Hawaii was actually very nice. So, the first day consisted of us consuming many cocktails! We were both very drunk and passed out upstairs!

Then on our second day we headed to Waikiki beach. Mike bought a body board and i bought a lilo. I was laying there in the sun floating in the waves. It was heaven. So relaxed! I did however crap myself after meeting the hidden wall that blocked off the waves so it isn't as rough. I thought it was a shark!

Then we planned trips! Our most used services of our trip to the states, it was the best way to get around. We booked a tour around Oahu, we got to see the beaches, film sets and walk on the peer that they use in lost for the submarine shots! AHHHH! Plus, we also drove past the studio and trailers that the cast were actually occupying at that time, double AHHHH! This was a lovely and scenic tour, even though i fell asleep every time we got back on the bus :/

So, our second and most exciting trip ever. DOLPHINS. Now, i was a little unsure. I'm not scared of water, in fact im a very good swimmer and used to be in all sorts of classes when i was younger, but the idea of not seeing whats underneath me is the fear...and sharks!!! So i was veering to swimming with the sea lions as i love them so much but thought hey, lets face a fear! We arrived at the park to see two dolphins swimming in a big 18ft deep pool. We were briefed and told to have fun! I was so scared and anxious, but when right in the deep end, sending myself off the ledge :S. It didn't help that the instructor shouts "look out shark! duh duh duh duh" But then the dolphin rose from the water with her mouth open coming at us to splash us.

The scariest part was taking myself out into the middle of the pool and waiting for Nani, the dolphin to come behind and under me for me to grab her fins. She pulled me to the edge, so fun!

It didn't sink in for two days that i had done this, i still can't believe it. Wow, what a trip.

I will close here, i may blog more about the mayhem of catching flights but for now, thanks for reading those who did. What a trip this has been. I found it so difficult to sort it what with stuff i had been through this year...Rose, Toto and my own personal difficulties. But turns out, this trip was the best thing for me. I love life, i have come back to my old self where i have realised the beauty and enjoyment life can bring.

I highly recommend people travel and see what they dream of seeing!

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