Monday, 14 September 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Ok, so this will probably be my most important and heartfelt blog. Yosemite. It was a difficult process of booking this whilst we were in San Fran, it was a battle with price, availability and reliability with the companies.

We finally found a trip though that suited us and this was a two night stay in Cedar Lodge, El Capitan. We jumped on a tour bus at 6am from our hotel in San Fran and headed out on a guided tour of Yosemite. It took 6 hours to get there and we were told many facts about surrounding villages and such. We drove through a field that was filled with Oak trees, which was already dreamy for me as they are my favourite tree. We arrived at Yosemite and had time to have a little explore before catching a bus back to Cedar lodge, around 40 mins drive from the park. Our hotel was lovely, it was in the middle of the mountains surrounded by the fresh smell of trees and the sun hit us just nicely.

We got a shuttle into the park which was $7 return, so not pricey at all. On our first full day in the park we used the free hybrid shuttle to get around, watching little films about the park. Learning about the different nature here and browsing the gifts they had to offer.

Then we got off at the Awahnee, which is a lovely, very pricey hotel smack back in the middle of the park. This was also where the shining had its interior shots filmed. We decided here to go for a walk around the back of the hotel. It consisted of greenery and trees and little paths off to all sorts of trails. Just then i spotted a bottom! It looked like the back of a Labrador dog but turned out to be a baby deer. Wild deer. Another of my top 5 animals, so i was in heaven really.

I managed to tip toe utterly close to the baby and it was incredible. I was close to tears it was so breathtaking. Yosemite then showed me to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And it was here that i felt truly happy. After loosing Rosie and Toto this year, then getting that bloody stone in my mouth and coming through that other thing some of you know about i never thought id have a day where i was 100% happy again. I felt hard done by and doomed for bad luck. But that little deer in that national park completely changed everything and gave me a new outlook on life.

We then paddled in a beautiful creek where we say blue jays, squirrels and a snake! It was a truly beautiful place. I highly suggest visiting and i hope i will be able to make it there again. One of natures finest creations.

Our trip came to an end and here we set off again with a different tour guide who was really lovely and he took us down to see the giant sequoia. Also breathtaking, those beautiful trees were so big and so broad. Amazing!

On the drive home we passed through a beautiful village, that was full of horse ranches and fruit orchards. I spotted around 4 duns, just like Rose. The sun set in the background into a beautiful pink grapefruit colour. It was bliss.


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