Monday, 14 September 2009

San Francisco.

I shall keep this one short and a little sweeter than Hollywood.

San Francisco, appeared very British at first...we kind of felt we were in inner city London, which wasn't a lot of fun because who really wants to go there.

But, our hotel was amazing, the bed was cushy which is something you miss when traveling so that was a treat. The weather was cooler also so i was able to wear a hoodie and pants, which i did not think i would miss but i do.

We jumped on a sightseeing bus, that took us around San Fran and pointed out all the highlights and historic facts that we would not have learned otherwise. This bus took us over the Golden Gate bridge, which was incredibly beautiful...photographs really don't do that bridge justice. The bus though was already very bumpy, it had no roof and it went very fast. I felt at some points i was going to bounce out! And it was the first time on the trip i had goose bumps and my teeth chattered! Yay, it felt like home!

So, after the bridge we stopped off at peer 39 where we saw all the sealions! Yay! One of my top 5 animals. This was a great moment. There were 100s! There were comical moments where two alphas had a fight, gentle fight over who could sit on the peer....both pushing each other off. It made the crowd cheer when the smaller of the two found victory and pushed the bigger off after a 5th attempt of getting on the peer! YAY!

We also got to see Alcatraz here, which was a nice view. The boats out were a little pricey however. We ate a very yummy ice cream from a chocolate shop that made my hips grow and my heart ache as soon as i walked in the door.

Also, San Fran grows TRAMPS on trees. One of the worst places for them. NY wasn't even this bad.


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